Fundraising to support our software developers

We all want more software, but with so few users there is simply no market to make them. Since the software developers can’t make any real money out of it, they have to sacrifice their own free time to make us the stuff we want.

Papisaur at WArMUp (World Association of MorphOS Users) have started a fundraising/bounty in order to collect whatever you can spare and donate it to these developers:

  • Fab (MPlayer, MAME, ScummVM, etc …)
  • Yomgui (Blender, Squiggles, etc …)
  • Offset (ACE)
  • Carsten Siegner (Scriba, Spreedy, InstantZip, InstantUnpack, etc …)
  • NaTmeg (rhLaunch, etc …)
  • Thomas Igracki (gTranslator, yWeather, CRABUM, etc …
  • Templario (Los Chinos, VAMP, etc …)
  • BSzili (OpenJK, SpeedDream etc …)
  • Geit (Grunch, SimpleCat, MagicBeacon, etc …)
  • Tcheko (SoundBankster, HotBorder, HotCorner, etc. ..)
  • Realstar (GenesisPlus, etc …)
  • Widelec (kwakwa, jabber.module, etc …)
  • James Jacobs (AmiArcadia, ReportPlus, WormWars, etc …)

I have donated a little, and I hope you will do the same. See of it as a simpler version of buying these guys a beer after a hard days work.

Go to WArMUp‘s homepage and look for the “bounty for dev“. There you will find a Paypal donation button. The fundraise will contiue until the end of August.

While we are on the subject of software development, I saw something interesting at, linking to this article:

According to a research survey from market research firm VisionMobile, there are 2.9 million app developers in the world who have built about two million apps. Most of those app developers are making next to nothing in revenue while the very top of the market make nearly all the profits. Essentially, the app economy has become a mirror of Wall Street.

According to the survey: “The revenue distribution is so heavily skewed towards the top that just 1.6% of developers make multiples of the other 98.4% combined.”

This make a lot of sense, since the app stores are filled with so much stuff that it makes your head spin. How is an independent developer supposed to make themselves heard? Just like the articles highlight, it’s next to impossible and only the big players have enough money for advertisement and product placements. In Sweden, you can see TV commercials from King, who had a huge sucess with their Candy Crush Saga (and pissed off a large chuck of the Internet by trying to copyright the word “saga” after making all that cash).

For me it’s ironic that so many software developers who works on popular OS’es makes just as little as MorphOS software developers. But with the Amiga community, being so few means that you have no problem making some noise. I’ve talked to Daniel Müßener, a programmer at Cherry Darling (Ace of Hearts, Voxel Bird Saga) and he confirmed that even though their games are sold for both Windows, MacOS and smartphones they made the most of their money by selling to AmigaOS 4 or MorphOS users (not a whole lot though). But he is not displeased it seems. I will let his words end this post, taken from the editorial of Amiga Future issue 107:

The real reason [for developing for the Amiga] is the Amiga community. As a small developer you get lost in the ‘shuffle’ on the other Operating Systems. But here you can still experience how it feels to actually generate some impact, even with the release of a small ‘indie’ game. In the Amiga community you still get that which an artist also needs, besides bread and water, applause.

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