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A new work space

For several weeks now me and my wife have been busy redecorating our apartment in order to maximize our living space. It took a good while, but we are finally reaching the end. So I bought myself a new computer work space … Continue reading

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OT: My book collection and Full Throttle

I thought about doing something different today. I’m a collector in soul and heart and since I returned to the Amiga in mid 2012 I have gathered a small collection of Commodore related books. I also have a big (and … Continue reading

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OT: Got myself a CD32!

This may be a surprise for some of you, but I have not owned a classic Amiga since the early 2000. For me, Amiga has never been about the past but about the future. So during the years between 1997 … Continue reading

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Election, Amiga Forum and switching DVD device.

Today is election day in Sweden. I’m watching the events unfold and it looks like we will have a change of government: from an alliance of conservatives, pseudo-liberals, Christians and farmers party turned Randian capitalists turned back to farmers party … Continue reading


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OT: Amiga Forum mentioned in Trevor’s blog

Trevor Dickinson is the co-founder of A-EON Technologies and a true Amiga enthousiast, regardless of flavour. In his latest blog post, he mentions another project of mine: the Swedish printed Amiga magazine AMIGA FORUM. I have been doing this magazine for … Continue reading

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