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[Edit] 141001: Clarified¬†the sentense “Click your way to the end” to “Click your way to the end through all the requests” It’s a very simple task to download icons for MorphOS: you just use a *.png file and rename it … Continue reading

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Turning MOD:s to MP3

[Edit] Found a better method!¬†Both work but I recommend the latter. For me “Amiga” is as much a culture as a computer series and design philosophy. This includes its most popular games, the demo scene and, of course, its music! … Continue reading

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Election, Amiga Forum and switching DVD device.

Today is election day in Sweden. I’m watching the events unfold and it looks like we will have a change of government: from an alliance of conservatives, pseudo-liberals, Christians and farmers party turned Randian capitalists turned back to farmers party … Continue reading


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Youtube & Youtube Center

Youtube is the worlds most popular free video sharing service. And it’s owned by Google who tries to make it profitable by showing commercials. This was until lately dependent on Flash technology, and it still is to a big degree … Continue reading

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