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[Edit 20160224] Thanks to jPV I was able to correct some errors. You can read the manual with “more” and you shouldn’t use NOSOFT when copying system files. If you remember my last post I wrote about some viruses I … Continue reading

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[Edit 151206] Added the authors homepage and some less important information. Thanks jPV! One of the downsides of MorphOS’s compatibility with the classic Amiga is that a lot of it’s viruses are also compatible. The other day I got reminded … Continue reading


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MorphOS 3.8, Synergy Server and Wings Battlefield Demo

After 9 months of development version 3.8 of MorphOS was finally released on Friday the 15th. Just by looking at the release notes you will see an impressive list of news, bugfixes and improvements. But since I’m a betatester I have been … Continue reading

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ScummVM 1.7.0 and The Curse of Monkey Island

[Edit] It turns out it was faulty data files that made Full Throttle not work, and not the MorphOS port of ScummVM. Also clarified that it’s the PC data files you need. There where several games that defined the Amiga: … Continue reading

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Grunch, Crabum and GenesisPlus 1.7

[Edit] 140721: Some minor corrections. 140724: Added a download link to CRABUM. Put the “edits” at the top. So, you have installed MorphOS and want to start using software. There are several ways to do this. One is to go to … Continue reading

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